Ham and Eggs, Maple Breakfast Patty, and CGF Cut Buscuits

Sandwich sliced ham is wonderful to make scrambled eggs and ham with.  Just beat up some CGF eggs with milk, add a little salt and pepper, and add in your cut up sandwich ham. 

Serve up along side a CGF Maple Breakfast Sausage Patty (just like our breakfast sausage patties, with a hint of maple syrup flavor) and a cut biscuit made from CGF lard (recipe here) for a delicious breakfast!

"Run of the Farm Eggs"

Our laying hens continually have access to the wonders of the pasture, as well as the rest of the farm! As our poultry roam the pastures behind the cattle, they do an excellent job of controlling parasites, cleaning the pasture, and leaving us a beautiful array of fresh farm eggs. In addition to enjoying the feast they find out on the pasture, our chickens are also fed a custom ration of feed free of antibiotics, hormones, and animal by products.